Curriculum Vitæ David Jones

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Address: Toronto, Canada
Last updated: 8 January 2001

I wish to advance as a Software Designer and Developer within a small, focused, multi-disciplinary, passionate team creating world class software which is effective, of the highest quality, with exemplary design, original in thought and execution, and ultimately inspirational.
Computing subjects of interest include adventure and strategy games, development environments, personal knowledge repositories, and systems derived from nature.

  • 29 years old
  • Will Relocate
  • British Citizen
  • Will Telecommute
  • Canadian Landed Immigrant
  • Will Travel
Software Development Experience  
Machiavelli VisualAge for Java UML Modeller UML Modeller Hood Dolphin Smalltalk Lavoisier

Preferred languages: Smalltalk - Dolphin Smalltalk & VisualAge for Smalltalk
Java - VisualAge for Java & MS J++
Other languages: C, C++, ARM assembly, BASIC and HTML

Primary platform: Windows 95/NT
Other platforms: Linux, Windows 3.1, Acorn Archimedes, Sun UNIX and Apple Macintosh

  • Shipped Software
  • Full Life-Cycle
  • 1 - 250 person projects

7/99 - 1/01

Intelliware, Toronto

e-Commerce Developer on five website projects for Financial and web-startup clients. Involved in the design and implementation of backend and UI components. Projects involved teams of two to ten people.

Most projects developed with VisualAge for Java, WebSphere, Servlets, JSPs, RMI. Additionally worked with EJBs, JBuilder, WebLogic, VAJ Persistence Builder, DB2.

Influential in adopting improvements to the companies development process and systems; internal Swiki editable website, CVS, bugzilla, XP and improvements to the build and integration process.

2/99 - 6/99 Machiavelli

Self Financed, Vancouver

Software Designer & Developer on a self financed game for commercial publication. Worked on an adaptation of the Machiavelli 2ed board game by Avalon Hill. A multi-user strategic game set during the Renaissance period in Italy. Sole team member, with numerous external testers and supporters.

Designed program structure and UI, developed program code, tested, wrote documentation and supporting business plans, developed web-site for limited distribution and online development. Developed in Dolphin Smalltalk & Visual C++ for Windows 95/NT using DirectX (DirectDraw, DirectSound and DirectPlay).

9/97 - 1/99

Obect Technology International Inc., an IBM company

11/97 - 1/99 VisualAge for Java


Software programmer on VisualAge for Java, the award winning IBM cross-platform Java development environment. 10 person UI team, present for entire 2.0 release and the development phase of 3.0.

Part of the User Interface group which programmed the browsers, dialogs and interface to lower level code in project. Tasks were spread equally among team members so fixed bugs, refactored and improved existing code and created new features from initial design through coding and testing. Helped student interns. Learnt from the disciplined development and release procedure which included a couple of months of testing. Experienced working on a very large project, there were 250 people in total spread across multiple IBM laboratories and sites throughout the world. Built on top of an existing decade old code base. Programmed in cross platform VisualAge for Smalltalk on Windows, OS2 and Unix machines.

9/97 - 10/97 UML Modeller


Software engineer on the UML Modeller for VisualAge for Smalltalk. 5 person team, present just prior to the 1.0 release of the product. Stayed while waiting for Visa to join OTI in Canada.

Fixed bugs and helped develop the Smalltalk and Java code generators. Programmed in VisualAge for Smalltalk and used the Envy code repository.

10/95 - 8/97

Intuitive Systems Ltd, Stevenage

2/97 - 8/97 Hood

Software engineer on Hood, an ongoing generic rules based data capture application, to be used in-house for creating insurance and banking applications. 6 person team, present during early development.

Developed a range of low level code and user dialogs. Investigated the use of Object Databases for storing data and migrating object schemas. Developed in Java JDK 1.02 using MS J++.

10/95 - 1/97 Dolphin Smalltalk

Software engineer on Dolphin Smalltalk, an implementation of the Smalltalk programming language and environment for the Microsoft Win32 platform. 5 person team, present from early development until after public beta release.

Involved at all levels of the Dolphin development: Packaging code and resources for storage and distribution to other development machines together with various supporting browsers. Converting the environment to run as an internet browser plugin, allowing applications to be dynamically downloaded for in-place execution, in a similar fashion to Java applets. Deployment of applications as stand alone executables. A Software visualisation framework for the collection of executing software tracks, tied in with a range of views for analysing this data using murals, statistical displays, clusterings, animated graphs, etc. Involved in creating the various development tools such as browsers, inspectors, debuggers, menu builder etc. Interfaces to a number of the Win32 common controls, and also created some additional views such as a Moen Tree view. Categorisation of methods and classes for easier navigation. External code file support. Optimizations and user notifications for compiler. Numerous Java like window layout managers. Developed in Dolphin Smalltalk and Visual C++ for the Windows 95/NT platform.

12/94 - 9/95 Lavoisier

CRM Ltd, Glasgow

Software engineer at CRM Ltd on a short term fixed contract. Worked on Lavoisier, an interactive multimedia simulation of a school chemistry laboratory for the educational market. 4 person team, present during early development.

Project involved the dynamic simulation of complex natural processes including the motion and rotation of vessels, the effects of gravity, collisions, behaviour of gases, liquids, powders and solids, and the modelling of chemical processes. Intended for the world market. Students' familiarity with arcade style games placed extreme requirements on interface design and responsiveness. Time allocated to keep up with modern developments by reading the numerous received journals and books from the company library. Installed and operated an Internet connection on behalf of the company. Lavoisier was implemented in Visual C++ for the Windows 3.1 environment. Part of the animation section was written in Intel 8x86 assembly code.

9/90 - 6/93 BSc Computer Science

University of Wales, Swansea

BSc Computer Science (Hons) II(i)

Final year project was a dynamic GUI builder for GNU Smalltalk which allowed the views of running applications to be modified and updated in-place. Implemented on Sun UNIX computers running X-Windows.

Other course projects:

  • Graphical space strategy multi-user game using an Expert System for the computer opponents, written in BBC Basic.
  • Compiler for simplified Pascal, written in my own adaption of Little Smalltalk on an Acorn Archimedes.
  • 3d simple object viewer, extending supplied framework in C on Macintosh.
  • Video store team project, from specification through to final implementation in C.