Xanadu is a hypertext system designed by Ted Nelson and has been worked on from the 1960's onwards. A number of attempts have been made to implement it, but currently the only available running system appears to be the Udanax-Green version which seems to be at demo level.


Udanax-Gold in Dolphin Smalltalk

I have recently been working on importing the Udanax-Gold source into Dolphin Smalltalk. Unfortunately only a proportion of the original Smalltalk code was released. As I have battled importing and then trying to run the test cases I have had to create a package of missing classes. These contain a number of wild guess implementations for missing methods.

Currently I have imported all the distributed original Smalltalk classes. A number of the test cases can also run without errors but I have no results from a good run of the regression tests to check against.

Online Udanax-Gold Source Doc
I have also generated some html documentation from the classes and their comments. Some of the original type information has been lost during the import.

For the near future I'm probably going to continue inching my way along with running the test cases. The bigger questions are whether to continue from this code base towards some minimal system that I can use, reimplement a simpler/constrained system from scratech, or see this just an interesting system to investigate.

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